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About me...

I love Jesus, coffee, running, crossfit, healthy food (mainly vegetarian), nature, travel, education, and many other things. I’m a pisces, an empath, and an enneagram 6.

I married my high school sweetheart. Together we have two wonderfully active boys, and a 3 year old golden doodle named Culver.

I live in a tiny little town near the mountains in Central Oregon (we can also be found in Southern Baja when we need to escape the rain). There is a saying around here, told to me by a friend. People either move here to hide, or to heal. I have to agree. Nature heals. It clears the mind and strengthens the soul.

I used to be a special education case manager. I’ve always had a heart for working with children who have special needs. I have a Bachelor’s degree in health education, with a minor in psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Education. None of which I am currently being paid to use.

This blog is a creative outlet where I ramble about my life and share my take on personal experiences with the things I love the most. 

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