Beans and Rice Tako Bar

Written by Melanie

October 3, 2021

Playa Costa Brava St. 23330 Los Barriles, Baja California Sur

Open everyday except Tuesday 2-10 pm

Beans and rice is a fun little open air restaurant right off the main drag in downtown LB. It is very well staffed and friendly. They have a large menu with options for seafood lovers and vegetarians alike. We chose the vegetable quesadillas ($30 MXN each) and vegetable stuffed potato ($115 MXN). Both dishes were good yet simple. The BEST feature of Rice and Beans is the extensive self-serve salsa bar. There were about six different kinds of salsa, in addition to cabbage salad, guacamole sauce and pickled peppers. So, so GOOD!

A few of our neighboring tables were dining on beautiful seafood platters complete with fancy carved vegetables. They have the presentation dialed in here for sure! What a fun place to grab a bite to eat!

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