Cortez Animal Rescue

Written by Melanie

August 1, 2022


While in Los Barriles we wanted to do something to give back to the community. We are a family of animal lovers and we were really missing our beloved Culver.

We saw that there were 90 dogs currently being housed at the local shelter. I sent a message to one of their volunteers and we met up at her house where she was hosting a “pup-up”. Here we met over 10 puppies all looking for homes. They were all very sweet. As one might suspect, cute puppies are easier to get set up in homes. We fell in love with a couple of sweet puppies that day.

We needed to wait until our new home was ready to bring a pup home to foster. The next week we were notified that they had two older puppies-Sabrina and Samantha who needed home. They were a bonded pair who had been abandoned after their owner had passed away.

Sabrina is a very mellow dog with what appears to be joint problems to due malnutrition. She limps quite a bit, and is slow going up and down, but other than that she plays and runs just like a typical dog.

Samantha seems to have been mistreated more than Sabrina. She was tied up for so long that the rope cut into her neck and was infected when they found her. She is more timid, but was very quick to warm up to us. She also seems afraid of other dogs.

Both girls as so sweet. They are constantly playing, biting, and chasing each other. Our kids love them, and the dogs are so good with them. Sabrina pretty much lets our youngest son treat her like a rag doll.

We ended up bringing both puppies back with us to the United States with the help of Street Dog Hero (based in Bend, OR). We flew into PDX and a local foster family met us and took the girls home. Since then, both have found their “furever” homes.

On our latest trip to LB, we fostered a four month old puppy named Venus for about three weeks. She too, was the sweetest little thing.

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