1010 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Open everyday 12pm-10pm


My friend’s daughter is a food scientist ( I know, what a cool job!), so she suggested that we also do some research for her daughter while in Seattle by visiting Frankie & Jo’s for some vegan ice cream. We walked from Pike’s Place to Capitol Hill and easily found this super chill little shop.

We were both a little overwhelmed by all of the menu choices. In the end I opted for the healthier options of their organic date shake (Coconut milk*, deglet dates, maple syrup, cocoa butter, coconut oil, vanilla extract, nutritional yeast, sea salt) and golden milk (creamy oat and coconut milk base is infused with turmeric, ginger and other warming spices, and is speckled with gems of supercookie dough made with more turmeric and Moon Juice vegan collagen powder)

Both flavors were delicious. The date shake flavor was my favorite of the two simply because the golden milk flavor was too sweet for me due to the super sweet cookie pieces mixed in. The date ice cream reminded me of a gritty cake batter. I loved the fact that it didn’t contain any cane sugar.

My friend tried the mint brownie and chocolate date flavors…I was not a big fan of either. I don’t consume very much sugar, so I think they were just too much for me.

If you are a lover of vegan ice cream definitely hit up Frankie & Jo’s!