Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I am an active person. The question isn’t if I will run or workout, its when. I am running trails or at the gym six days a week. It’s who I am. It keeps me sane.

I have not been able to run for over a month. Thats the longest I’ve gone without running in 12 years (my son turns 12 next week). It has not been pretty. I tried the gym for a week before my orthopedic surgeon shut that down. It has been a very hard month to say the least.

I have not been able to fully straighten my right leg or bend it beyond 90 degrees for over a month. It’s been locked and swollen the whole time.

I don’t even have a crazy running story about how it happened. I was in a squatting position with my right leg bent out, petting my dog. He likes to rub up on people like a cat, so thats what he was doing when he knocked my off balance. My right knee cap came out, and I heard a loud pop and felt excruciating pain. I stood up, straightened my leg, my kneecap went back in place, but I now couldn’t bear any weight without intense pain.

I was late for a massage appointment with my amazing friend who also happens to know a TON about injuries and the body in general-good timing, huh?! She helped me hop into her building and evaluated me for all the usual knee injury things