I’ve never been a good sleeper. I have trouble falling asleep, and once I wake up with the sunrise (today it was 5:45) I cannot return to slumber. My husband is a rockstar sleeper. Most of the time this is frustrating, because I’m jealous. He keeps me up late watching telanovelas (thats a story for another day), and then sleeps in. Ugh, moving on…..

Today I decided to embrace my early rising soul. We are experiencing record breaking heat in Oregon. It’s been over 100 degrees for a week. Our little mountain town rarely goes over 90. Everyone is hiding in their houses like we are afraid of the sun…and we kind of are!

So, this morning I woke up at 5:45 with the sun. My husband and I were sleeping in my son’s bed because he couldn’t fall asleep in his own hot bedroom. So we traded. The night before he was in our bed, and thats like sleeping with a Tasmanian devil.

I decided to embrace this early morning alone time. I made some delicious coffee (freshly roasted by my amazing husband), opened the house up to feel the (almost) cool breeze come through, and listened to the birds greet each other. I’ve already done my daily bible verse reading, and now I’m here.

I’ve been struggling lately. My birth family is complicated, and there has been turmoil lately. After a crisis with them, I find myself experiencing what has been referred to as situational depression. It takes me a week or two to come out of it. That combined with the universe being a bit out of alignment for me, and a dose of marital frustrations has led to me being off for about three weeks.

Yesterday I was able to write a letter, and get some heavy things off my chest. It was hard. I almost threw it away, but I went ahead and sat with my pain instead of shoving it down. That letter led to a letter back to me, and a day of hard conversations interspersed with life (work, kids, et). It seems like setting boundaries is my life’s work. They are very hard to set, but once I am forced into it, I always feel empowered.

Yesterday ended beautifully though! This morning I am tired, but at peace.