Nomada Restaurante (El Sargento)

Written by Melanie

October 21, 2023

Calle San Luis Obispo S / N, El Teso, 23232 El Sgto, BCS

Every day from 7 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm

We decided to take a drive to La Paz from our home in LB, and wanted to check out La Ventana, another kite boarding town on our way. My husband found Nomada online while looking for vegetarian restaurants. Nomada describes their slow food cuisine as organic, healthy, and homemade. Drawn from other countries such as the east, while adding tastes from Mexican culture leaves diners with meals that a very unique and flavorful. They have an extensive menu with both vegetarian, vegan, and animal based choices. Along with a variety of juices, smoothies, coffee, and even alcoholic drinks. The cafe is open air and has a more hip vibe than the places you will find in Los Barriles. Most of our fellow dinners were young couples.

After spending quite some time perusing the extensive menu we settled on the estrellados ($110 MX) and egg & cheese bagel sandwich.

Our entrees came with a delicious habanero & pineapple salsa that you could eat with a spoon.

This was hands-down our favorite meal of this trip to BCS. Next time we hope to sample their dinner menu.

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