We drove about 20 miles outside of San Jose del Cabo to a pueblo historica town called Santiago ( a gas station, a few small stores, and a hotel) up a long dirt road high in the mountains. Surrounded by vegetation. Drove at least 20 minutes on a sand road hoping we did not drift into the sand burms lining each side.

Saw a Momma donkey and her babe grazing along the side of the road on our way up.

Waterfall hike was run by a family whose father had recently passed (5-6 months ago) and had a large alter de la muerta at the entrance. Short walk to the waterfall. Hand cut stairs into the granite countryside. Went all the way to the top. Gorgeous view. Sat down and put my feet in the water and they were covered by what looked like tiny leaches, but were probably some sort of parasite. Super creepy!

Hiked back down to the bottom of the small waterfall-no leeches, but I wasnt going to take any chances. Took a few pictures and hiked back up.

A few campsites with an amazing view. Looked like tours usually come through. Small farm with sheep, goats, etc