94 Pike Street, Top, floor Suite 34, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Open everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

One day my friend and I were gushing over how much we both love coffee and she came up with the wacky idea to hop on a plane to Seattle so she could introduce us to her favorite coffee shop. So, we bought tickets and a month later we found ourselves at Pikes Place market. Upon arriving Matt and I quickly had deja vue. We had definitely been here about four years prior with our two rambunctious boys.

Being in Seattle was a little eerie in COVID times, as only about half of the vendors were open at the market, and maybe a quarter of the usual tourists. That being said, the introvert in my was very happy to have a crowd-less Seattle experience.

My friends’ favorite espresso drink at Storyville is the breve cortado. I had a sip, and it was smooth and delicious. I tried a latte made with their house made coconut milk. It was quite the treat. Not an overwhelming coconut taste, but I love anything coconut. The milk was very think and creamy. Something I might enjoy next time as a dessert.

My husband had a piping hot americano, which he said was “good”.

The staff was excellent and the ambiance was spot on. Definitely my favorite coffee shop in Seattle.