We travel quite a bit, and are have flown to Mexico more than a dozen times. Alaska is almost always our airline of choice. We are frequent fliers, MVPs and also have the TSA pre-check, so this was not something new for us. All that to say, I was very nervous about traveling. We’ve been following the rules since all of this started. We haven’t eaten inside a restaurant since March. My hands are permanently dry and cracked from around the clock hand-sanitizing and washing. My brother even referred to me as a “cov-idiot”. We’d already cancelled multiple vacations. My husband made plans to travel without me for part business/soul-searching, and I was fine staying home. But then, my wonderful MIL suggested that I accompany him, and then sealed the deal with an offer to watch the kids and our two year old goldendoodle.

We hastily made plans, booked a flight, car, and air b n b. Our plan was to travel as we live our lives at home in this ‘rona times. So very careful.

We purchased the recommended not-quite-medical grade masks, stocked up on hand-sanitzer, and were on our way.

We flew out of our tiny local airport early in the morning, leaving our car at the airport. We boarded our first flight, which was only half-full, and kept our masks on the whole time-only taking it off long enough to down a seltzer water. Our lay over was in San Diego where we grabbed an egg sandwhich and hid in a secluded corner of the airpoirt to devour them.

Our next leg was only about half full. We had the exit row, to allow ourselves even more social distancing. Neither one of us used the bathroom or ate. Quite a feat for my over-active bladder. The only part of the trip there that made me uncomfortable was the bus ride from the plane to the terminal.

We wore our trusty masks the whole time…they don’t feel so great after 10+ hours of wear. Boy, does it give me EVEN more respect for our front line workers.

Alaska made sure that masks were worn appropriately, and even provided sanitizing wipes.

On my way home, there was a woman who tried to board the flight in what appeared to be a face-covering made of her old lace panties-seriously?!? She was also the only person not wearing a mask at the Cabo airport. The local airport workers let her though the gate like that, but a wonderful Alaska flight attendant stopped her as she entered the plane and politely informed her that if she wished to travel she’d need to put on an appropriate mask and handed her one. Luckily she complied-sheesh!

Overall, our flight experience felt safer than a trip to Costco-nice job Alaska Airlines!